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Romance is in the Air 3012

Like I proposed the year is 3,012 and our world has changed; in more ways than we could ever
have guessed. What has happened in a 1,000 years since our last printing press printed these

Doomed in Darkness BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are saved.
The Darkest night of the year has become the darkest night of our whole lives. The wind has
ripped down power lines every where. We of the Free Press will continue to reach out to all who
may still be around. Get out of the cities. Couriers are ranging far and wide sharing news as
it comes to us. Medicine is hard to find, as are doctors and nurses with hospitals closed down
by the flood and snow storm that hit North America Dec. 21, 2012.

Those chilling words, all in one small paragraph written such a long time ago when fear was
fear for all. Darkness and light caught together even as we learned we were going to live.

We survived. Slowly. We are finding people whom have saved for these days. They have harvested
seeds for hundreds of years in their families and communities. Amazing is the good will among
all people. We are growing gardens in green houses designed and created by Switzerland with
seeds from Canada. As we see life grow and feel the dirt between our fingers we laugh out loud
because it feels so good.

The Free Press is printed on birch bark now, much as early stories were told in writings and
drawings many, many years ago. The couriers carry the news as well as seedlings, oxygen
purifiers and water cleansers throughout the country. We are doing well. People are falling in
love again over bouquets of broccoli and bunches of carrots. What a hoot. We have all learned
how to laugh and to enjoy life in this moment.

I am a courier some weeks, traveling from the shores of Hudson Bay which now are deep into
what was once Saskatchewan, to the low rocky mountains and back again. We use horses to travel
as we ran out of car fuels a long, long time ago. Odd how some names have stuck with us; like
The Free Press and Hudson Bay. I met a man in the Yukon years ago who told tales of times when
wild animals roamed freely over North America and birds flew in flocks in migration patterns
they had known for years. He said he would be coming our way soon, but that was 2 summers ago.

A shadow has fallen over my shoulder as I write. I wonder what it is. He is here, the man from
the Yukon. I am so surprised and yet I knew he would find me one day. Alas 2 years 1 day and 14
hours have passed. I hope he remembers me. As I rise and turn into the light I feel alive and
very, very well.


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Future Job Wars

The Coming Jobs War coverI like reading about what might happen in our futures and right now I am reading a book called “The Coming Job Wars”. It is written by the Owner of Gallup, Jim Clifton. What a shocker! Together we will take a look at what he see’s as our future.

Gallup is a huge firm that assesses trillions of things we think about through measuring many different behavioural attributes.  They have found that having good jobs are at the pinnacle of what people feel they need most.

How can we create 5,000,000 good jobs in small to medium size businesses this year? How about 10,000,000 good jobs over the next few years for the USA to create a faster growing GDP. We need each other because we are all interconnected. How many millions of good jobs does Canada need? Please think about it. Ok?

In Canada’s eastern provinces professors have been seeking to understand how what people really need can be added to the information that gives us our GDP.  I read the documents, the brochure style magazine and I remember saying something like ” maybe we should create a different kind of look at our lives from the sense of well-being”. We need new and future thinking to create new good jobs for every person in Canada. We can do this right now.

Over the next few weeks as I read Clifton’s book I will share my opinions of it through this blog. I hope you will take a deep breath, live in the moment, and join me in seeking good jobs. Families need at the very least one good job.

We need one good job in our family right now. I need to find a fantastic University that will give me a scholarship to research well-being, harmony and love towards a PhD.  This is my dream for my future. What are your dreams?

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Romance is in the Air

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Exhausted? Tired of reading work reports, doing dishes and making beds.  Long ago I turned to historical and then hysterical romances with a twist to raise my laughter quotient.

The name of this post is the title of my future first attempt at writing a romance. It is set in the future when air is limited to bottles and valves and tubes. We are living in post 3,012 after the bombing is over and earth is recovering.

Time means little as we forage for food that is new and from the seed storage facilities that survived because farmers world wide kept some of their seeds hidden from destruction.

How can romance of any kind happen? We need love more now than ever before.  Life will go on and we will create new homes and neighbours. Today we live without prejudice.

Aliens arrived long after the bombs because their home planets had suffered even greater damage. Scouts leave to search the Galaxy for survivors and Earth welcomes all who have lived through hell.

How would you like to be involved in this “Romance is in the Air”? It could become a great fun way to positively think of our future.  To generate the ways and means of living harmoniously. Everyone here works and contributes to each small group of people. Money has become great for starting fires but means little as the banks have disappeared.

We live with well-being as our life’s purpose.  Are you interested in love and gifts of promised joy in this moment? I am…


Cindy’s Book Ends

Welcome to my world of books. This Blog is about books that grab your attention. I love reading in many different genres so we will be chatting about them as your comments come in.

Because I love books of all kinds I will also write about my favourite romance novels. The heroes and heroines of novels that keep my light burning dark into the night.

Being a zoologist I will also read and chat about books about climate change and sustainability in communities in a way that makes sense to me and I hope we can have some great dialogue.

Look for my postings and join in.