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Future Job Warsb

This book gave me some food for thought. It opened up ideas about where jobs will be in the future. It is hard hitting at times offering little hope for job seekers. What are the trends in the world jobs market? Why do people move away from rural family farms? Many find low paying jobs on the fringe of huge cities in the world? Working for low wages without benefits as large businesses manufacture their wares off shore to decrease costs.

Is this the new way in our world? Where does education fit in from K-12 and beyond? Are peoples fundamental needs for shelter, food, water, safety, education and community being met or ignored?

The parents of Newton little children spoke out this week to create a culture in the USA that is inclusive, loving, and raising children in communities that care. I am from Canada and live near Winnipeg and my daughter plays the saxophone. Who cares? Where is the connection?

One of the Newton families used to live in Winnipeg and the little girls Dad played and taught saxophone at the University of Manitoba where my daughter was learning music.  Where is the caring community in Canada? It is also struggling to figure out what an inclusive caring and sustainable community needs to succeed. Canada knows how to send caring condolences to all of the families.

We are all connected in some way to one another. My daughter is buying a saxophone of her own as she loved playing the baritone sax but it was school property. She also has her own flute. Music is now part of her life as she has opened her ideas for careers to include sciences. We need to seek  love, peace and harmony as we embrace our little ones, our teens, our youth, our adults, families, our communities. Within our selves we need to create a culture of peace in order to know world peace . This includes ensuring that we think first with love in order to extend harmony thereby reaching peace.

Future Job Wars needs to be read in order to understand how Gallup came to its findings. Once read it would be great to chat about the book and how we all can change in order to remove the word Wars and replace it with Future Job Collaborations. Please remember to think, listen and comprehend before speaking.

Peace, harmony and love to all.


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Romance Is In The Air c (mostly fiction)

Far away in a galaxy, yet to be discovered, comets and meteors roam freely. Usually

they twist and turn, narrowly missing one another, in the free for all that is their

existence. It is rare, but it happens maybe once every 1,000 years, a meteor and comet

collide throwing both off course screeching into other galaxies where they are seldom


Their galaxy is made of live cells of primordial matter. A thousand years ago a

meteor shot out of the galaxy so fast it failed to burn up. It is rumoured that this meteor

was shot down by USA fighter pilots on training maneuvers in the Yukon Territory of


One of the old ones tells a tale of that meteor.

It is said that children used to attend schools and were driven to school by big

orange/yellow buses or in smaller usually 4 wheeled gas gobblers. Well. Most of the

children had arrived at school that day and were at work in their classes, watched over

by diligent teachers, (people who told children how to conform, walk straight, tell time

and speak politely without many questions). A radio reporter was entering the school

with her friend that morning at maybe 9:01am. Another big gas gobbler arrived with a

Mom and daughter inside. Suddenly the cloudy sky overhead was lit up from within by a

source of burning gold. It came swiftly straight down at the gas gobblers. Crackle,

screeeeeeeeeeech, smash and boom. Flashes of electricity rent the air.

The little girl in the gas gobbling van said “Mommy, it’s all white in here”. She opened her door and leaned way outside

staring up into the clouds above.

Mom said ” Stay inside.” The little girl closed her door and continued staring up at the ball of

gold sparks and solid white surrounding it and her.

The white light got bigger and bigger and bigger while the Mom yelled to the women. “Do you

know what is happening”?

They yelled “We see the light too”. They were all looking up as the clouds turned pure

white and whiter and all was white.

Mom got in the gas gobbler and shut the door and held her little girl as everything

turned even whiter. Then the transformer 10 feet behind their right bumper crackled loudly and

burst into flames and flying electric sparks in all directions (transformers carried electricity

back then).

Everyone was very quiet watching the sky above them. It was eerily silent then boom.

Suddenly a large ball of gold flew out of the cloud, over their heads, and high over the

mountains. It spun and twisted surrounded by golden flames with a tail of fire as it tore

across the sky heading way over Crag Lake. Just before it disappeared from sight it

blew up into 3 pieces. The largest spun in a ball of fire all the way to the tip of Tagish

Lake leaving a trail of cells, smoke and fire in its wake. The smaller pieces disappeared right

and left after the US fighter pilot shot it, or so it seemed.

Luckily a very smart trapper saw it go by his home and he collected most of it in plastic

containers which kept it sterile. The US government sent a special plane to suck up the

particles left in the wake of the meteor. Many Yukon people saw the meteor and likely had

particles in their hair, and on their clothes without knowing it because they were so tiny.

Scientists studied the pieces and spent many days looking for more. They also studied the

particles captured by the plane discovering they too were biological in nature and the first of

their kind to reach into earth’s atmosphere and fly through the air.

People from all over came to try and find some pieces and only a few were lucky. The

trapper made $850,000.00 from the pieces he picked up and kept without

contaminating them by using special gloves and containers. Many pieces went through the

snow and ice into the lake, while some landed on shore and were found by meteor hunters.

One of the hunters talked with the little girl’s Mom and found pieces where she had seen the

meteor arc in the sky and saw its trajectory over the school outdoor classrooms and on into

the lakes. He promised to give her two pieces, one for each of her children, but he kept them

for himself or sold them.

This was a very unique meteor, one of the first of its kind to hit earth in 2012 because it

had biological life in it. There were many scientific findings but it changed the people,

the lake and the land it fell on forever. It is said these people who respected it and were

awed by it lead very long happy lives. They shared their stories of that day with the

world through the internet and word of mouth. They were the first to witness this kind of

meteor, but there would be many more coming over the next few centuries. At the time

everyone wanted to know more about the meteor and scientists came and spoke about it as

they discovered more about it.

That is all of the story for tonight as I need to speak with some other people to figure

out the rest of the story. That first awakening to worlds beyond our own that have life

was far more complicated than any one knew at the time. It landed in 3 pieces in the

Yukon where our visitor Mark comes from so maybe he knows more of the story.

Goodnight All. Sleep well.

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