Romance is in the Air 3012aa

Romance is in the Air 3012aa

Breath and Love

Swiftly I turned into the light and blinded by it, I reached out to lean on the rock, but my hand

slipped. An electric tingle began in my finger tips and dipped to my toes as I reached out for

something to break my fall. He caught me, then held me close, until I caught my breath and balance.

Shivers and goosebumps covered me from head to toe. I breathed in deeply for oxygen and found the

scent of him: rich deep forest odours, with a hint of musk.

He chuckled slightly as he lifted one of my ringlets, raised it to his face, felt its smoothness and

gave a little tug as he curled it tighter.

Oh sweet love.

Heart and Home

My heart was beating fast as I felt my face fill with warmth and my smile created dimples in my

cheeks. Heat spread throughout my body as I stared without blinking into his deep green eyes. The same

colour of the deepest part of Emerald Lake in the Yukon.

“You came”, I said.

“Yes I did, I told you I would come as soon as I could, 2 years and more hours than I thought it would

be.” said Mark.

I touched Mark’s face; his cheeks, his forehead, his deep black long hair, and his chin. I felt as if

I was seeing him for the first time, it had been so long, and yet he was so familiar.

“Welcome to our home”, I said.

Yukon Mountains meets Hudson Bay

My hazel eyes looked away from his and gently touched on the fields of hay, the horses, and the homes

built within the valley of one of Lake Agassiz’s beautiful river tributaries, called the Assiniboine

river valley. I knew he would love these people and surroundings soon after arriving and exploring the

world of her Forefathers and Grandmothers. People surrounded them with broad smiles of joy. I

introduced him to everyone in this small settlement; old and young alike were eager to meet this man

because he had saved Marion’s life high in the Yukon Mountains. (Marion is a strong name gifted to her

ancestors throughout the past 1,000 years, in these moments as well as in the future. It was the first

Marion whose green thumbs saved 100’s of plant seeds for the future.)

Celebration, Travelers and Gatherers

It was decided that there would be a feast that night in celebration. Word was sent to all on the

Hudson Bay and the travelers returned saying they needed to wait 4 days as many wanted to come to join

in the celebration. They would wait. It would be a 4 day potlatch.

As the days of celebration came close teepees covered the river valley. Gatherers selected plants from

the green houses that were ready to be eaten. The Old Ones went into the wild by horse back and

returned with what was needed for a joining of two strong people. Flying by their sides came the

eagles and from their pack horses came the smell of dried salmon and buffalo.

Outfits, Horses, River and Cliff Homes

During this time Marion completed the outfit she had made for her mate from her memory of his height

and size. It was the work of 2 years plus many hours. The Grandmothers had made her outfit, which she

had yet to see for herself, but she knew it would be beautiful. I trust and respect the Grandmothers

as they have been my teachers for too many years to recall, plus their love for me is pure and

strong. During the days Mark and Marion had ridden horses throughout the river bottom and high up into

the cliffs where her people could live if they needed to. Each home along the river and cliffs held

protected seeds,dried goods, clothing and all they needed in bags of skin that could be linked

together and lifted by pulleys between the river and cliff homes. Up in two of the cliff dwellings was

a source of pure water from deep within the earth.

Green Houses, Seeds, and Caves

Green houses filled with plants and seeds were within the same caves. Many farmers in Canada and all

over the world had been warned that some of the worlds seed banks had disappeared in floods, while

some seeds were taken by people whom, without reason, refused to share. Their misbegotten idea was

that only they could properly dispense the seeds.

Scandinavia continuously improves the green house designs to operate on limited light while growing

nutrient rich vegetables, fruits, Native Plants and trees. It was a mixture of old traditions and new

found ways of saving seeds and sharing everything. Our Green houses were within the cliff with holes

drilled upward through rock and soil so that they would receive ample sky light for growth. We grow

pumpkins, gourds, peas, carrots, corn, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, beets, swiss

chard, and beans. We are delighted that we can grow many fruits including apples of 8 varietes,

peaches, pears, tomatoes, grapes, currents, cherries, blueberries, saskatoon berries, sugar cane,

strawberries, boysenberries, and raspberries. It takes dedication, hard work and joy in growing plants

as well as speaking to our plants as they had done many years ago in northern Scotland. The sky light

covers were closed when needed by people whose tending of plants included the natural ones that

grew on the prairie above the cliffs. In the evening they would pull the covers, over the holes for

sunshine, then anchoring them with stones in a ring around the outer edge of the openings.

As a courier I was fortunate to be able to meet people with brave new ideas that they were actively

trying out. Long ago I had toured a huge half dome made of sunshine passable material within which

grew all of the native plants, trees, marshes, wild mushrooms, ferns and wild plants of western

Canada. Our community just decided to create a smaller dome which would encourage the growth of Native

Prairie habitats.

Peacemakers Community

This is a community of peacemakers. After 4 days all was ready. Mark had been taken hunting by the

women while Marion was taken to the gathering places of precious plants needed for the coming

ceremonies. Her Grandfathers, Uncles and nephews honoured her for her kindness and caring. That night

they all came home tired, smiling and ready for the coming dawn. All was good, the people were

laughing again. Silence came to the people as the sweetness of fresh chosen plants and the pungent

aroma of cooking meats wafted on the night air. Only a few men remained awake keeping the fire going

in the ceremonial ways of old while others gathered at the late night fires where huge pieces of meat

were slowly cooking either on a spit or covered in large leaves and buried deep into the coals of

maple wood fires. Stories of past feasts were shared in whispers round the fires, the Elders spoke

softly passing their knowledge onto the young ones who helped without question and in silence.

All was well.

Everyone slept as a meteor spun in another galaxy….

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