Future Job Wars

The Coming Jobs War coverI like reading about what might happen in our futures and right now I am reading a book called “The Coming Job Wars”. It is written by the Owner of Gallup, Jim Clifton. What a shocker! Together we will take a look at what he see’s as our future.

Gallup is a huge firm that assesses trillions of things we think about through measuring many different behavioural attributes.  They have found that having good jobs are at the pinnacle of what people feel they need most.

How can we create 5,000,000 good jobs in small to medium size businesses this year? How about 10,000,000 good jobs over the next few years for the USA to create a faster growing GDP. We need each other because we are all interconnected. How many millions of good jobs does Canada need? Please think about it. Ok?

In Canada’s eastern provinces professors have been seeking to understand how what people really need can be added to the information that gives us our GDP.  I read the documents, the brochure style magazine and I remember saying something like ” maybe we should create a different kind of look at our lives from the sense of well-being”. We need new and future thinking to create new good jobs for every person in Canada. We can do this right now.

Over the next few weeks as I read Clifton’s book I will share my opinions of it through this blog. I hope you will take a deep breath, live in the moment, and join me in seeking good jobs. Families need at the very least one good job.

We need one good job in our family right now. I need to find a fantastic University that will give me a scholarship to research well-being, harmony and love towards a PhD.  This is my dream for my future. What are your dreams?

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