Future Job Warsa

My original idea was to create dialogue regarding interesting books. The question I missed answering:

Is anyone else reading this book? The Coming Jobs War

I have bogged down in it myself because it feels kind of hopeless. I guess I find the use of the word

war difficult to relate to jobs. The word Wars belong to World War 1, and World War 2 in my mind, whereas jobs

are something that people train for and hopefully win several times in their careers. In the

contexts of training and winning there is a similarity with war because both require training and


I just have more questions. Some of today’s jobs are in wars and the people in them are

soldiers, politicians, children, parents, aunts and uncles to name a few. My biggest dream is to stop

all wars worldwide. To live together in love, harmony and peace. Are wars necessary for peace?

How do we come up with these words? Jobs and War.

Are jobs as our baby boomers knew them, disappearing?

What kind of jobs should I search for? What about new graduates? Is their hope for jobs, homes and

kids possible?

Most books say ‘be passionate and love what you do’. I agree with that. If only I could find a job

that my injured, exhausted brain could handle I would be delighted. Alas I am one of the many

disabled. Quick thinking, high energy, multi-tasker, are labels often written into advertisements for

jobs. I am lucky if I can get out of bed two days in a row. I need hope and answers so . . .

On November 5, 2012 I attended a Fibromyalgia Support meeting wherein a lawyer was the speaker and

there were about 60 listeners. It was informative, exhausting, and showed how many people need help.

Apparently if you and your family and grandparents, and great grandparents are “credible” then you have

a chance of “winning” your case in mediation. What is credible? This is the question I forgot to ask.

The Coming Jobs War speaks mainly on behalf of the USA. I was part of Canada’s ‘job wars’ for

people with disabilities. It made me sad to hear how insurance companies are taking chunks of people’s

money along with bundles of cash from companies to refuse to pay out insurance funds to injured

people. Why do we give insurance companies money?

Job Wars outcomes could become safety nets if jobs, unions, businesses and staff, all of the people,

helped each other when needed without controversy. Could we all get along better if we cared for each


One insurance company actually took video through the kitchen window; of an ill worker sewing a

Halloween top for her 14 year old daughter. The daughter took off her top to try on the costume and

was filmed in her underwear. Is that what job insurance wars are about? The mother crashed, became very

ill and had to spend days in hospital, due to the ongoing surveillance and actions of the insurance

company. She sued for invasion of privacy. Guess what. She lost.

What happened to face to face conversations?

As human beings we need to discover what we need to do to protect ourselves from spies. Some say

the world has become meaner. One young lady told me that she is sad because when she was younger,

before any iphones etc existed, people would converse on the bus. Today everyone is busy texting or

talking on their cell phones. Where did the smiles go?

Long ago I worked in a communications office where the desks were set up against the back wall of our

tiny cubbies with our computers on those desks facing us. We all had our backs to the opening of our

wee cubbies. People texted each other rather than speak to each other. I turned my desk around

so I faced the opening and smiled at everyone. It helped me better serve the needs of people who came

to us for communications assistance. They smiled back.

Please join me in figuring out how to improve our lives so we can be passionate about what we do.

Together we need to change the way our world works. We need to believe in ourselves. We need to look

at our jobs and get help if they are primarily designed to find ways to label people inappropriately.

I think it is time for people to change our world for harmony, love and peace. Remember to smile.


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  1. #1 by cindysbookends on February 5, 2013 - 9:19 am

    Hi to all the invisible people viewing my blog entries without leaving a single clue to what you think of the coming job wars. We need to dialogue in order to create our own joined up passion filled places of work.

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